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Stock Locations receives a great amount of traffic from photography and film industry professionals because of our partners, D2 Models and Stock PhotoCrew, so we can offer the managers of the studios and properties we list more targeted viewings in a day or week than most can hope to receive in a month.

We are currently completing some major construction in anticipation of re-launching this fall, but in the meantime you can sign up for our mailing list and begin receiving job inquiries right away:


At this point, our terms are as simple as they've always been:

  1. There are no signup fees.
  2. There are no monthly, yearly, etc. subscription fees.
  3. There are no fees to make changes to your listing (mailing list or
  4. There are no upgrade fees or fees for adding or changing pictures.
  5. We make money ONLY when our locations book a job and are paid by the client.
  6. Here is our fee structure: 10% for all events, 15% for
    film/television/video, 20% for still photography.
  7. Being a location listed with us, you agree with and understand that we request these referral fees for each location rental transaction you source through our service and our website.
  8. We reserves the right to remove any listing at any time and for any reason.
  9. You may also choose to be unlisted at any time.
  10. This is not a legally binding agreement, rather this is an agreement based solely on your honor as a professional.

If you need professional images taken of your location, please send an email to

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